The Best Hotel Affiliate Program

Best Hotel Booking Affiliate ProgramLooking for the very best hotel affiliate program on the internet? Check out our top pick below!

The Best Hotel Booking Affiliate Program

There are a lot of options out there when trying to sign up to an affiliate program that offers you commissions on hotel bookings. Some of the programs offer a flat fee per lead while others will give you a split of what they make on the booking.

There’s Expedia, and so many more options when you do a google search – but what’s the best one?


Here’s our top pick and why:

Booking.comCompany Name

Payout Structure

Varies on Performance is a great company to affiliate yourself with, but they’re not too clear on the exact payout structure they offer. Here’s what their website says:

The percentage is related to our commission, so you will enjoy the maximum benefit when we improve our commission terms with hotels. The model is performance related, the more bookings a partner does, the more the partner earns

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Why Is the Best Hotel Affiliate Program

We think it’s a great affiliate program because it’s a trusted brand – the company has been around a long time and is well recognized. A lot of that is thanks to their television commercials and online presence.

But regardless of that, there are other things that make it a good program. A few of those are the number of hotels they work with and, more importantly, their awesome pricing. This company also puts out some great travel related content, which makes visitors engage with the brand more.

You can even start your own hotel booking website and integrate it into’s system. They’ll still pay you per booking you send their way.

So¬† all in all it’s a really great hotel affiliate program for you to partner with.

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