Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs 2016

Best Pay Per Call Affiliate ProgramsAre you an online marketer looking for the very best pay per call affiliate programs online in 2016? You’ve come to the right place. At Click Fraud Network we’re going to give you the scoop on the best affiliate programs available to you.

What’s the Best Pay Per Call or Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program?

If you have a way to generate calls and leads for other businesses then you’ve got a great opportunity in front of you.

Let us introduce you to the best pay per lead affiliate program online – RingPartner.

RingPartner is the pay per call exchange. They work with several distributors around the world (but mostly in the USA) and offer some very lucrative payouts to affiliates. If you can send highly calls to them and they are then delivered to advertisers you get paid a healthy commission!

Of course the call has to be legitimate and you won’t be paid for calls that are irrelevant.

How The RingPartner Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program Works

If you have a traffic source that generates calls for businesses looking for new leads it’s simple to sign up and use RingPartner.

Just give them a call and explain the type of experience you have in online marketing, and you’ll likely be approved.

Next, browse through their offers and see which one suits you best. They literally have a ton of different companies they work with so you’re likely to find something they accept calls for.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the current campaigns they have (at time of writing)

  • HVAC Services
  • Solar Power Providers
  • Attorneys & Lawyers
  • Drug Rehab
  • Chiropractors and Other Medical Professionals
  • Health and Auto Insurance
  • Much More

What you have to do is apply to each pay per call campaign separately and submit your landing page/content site for approval. Once approved, you’re able to generate your very own tracking numbers which can be used in your promotions.

Any calls that come in and lead to legitimate contact are paid out to you via Wire, Cheque or ETF.

So if you’re interested in partnering with the very best pay per call affiliate program online, give RingPartner a call and get started today!