The Best Jewelry Affiliate Program

Best Jewelry AffiliateInterested in finding the best jewelry affiliate program? Check out our top pick below!

There are a ton of jewelry retailers on the internet, and many offer affiliate programs you can join to try an cash in on your web traffic.

But some are better than others – not necessarily because of their payout structure, but because of how many customers actually convert on their website.

If you’ve ever purchased jewelry online, you’ve probably thought “what if I don’t like how it looks in real life?” That’s a valid question most, if not all, online shoppers may have.

So how do you get around that? Our top jewelry affiliate program has the answer.


Company Name:

James Allen

Payout Structure:

  • 5% Commission on Every Approved Sale
    • $400 maximum per sale

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Why James Allen is the Best Jewelry Affiliate

The official James Allen website features one key feature that makes it a better retailer than the rest – a 360 degree diamond and jewelry viewer.

This allows people who are shopping to see the actual diamond or piece of jewelry they are buying in a fully rotating 360 degree viewer.

Needless to say – that’s pretty boss.

This helps customers feel more confident when buying their jewelry, leading to higher conversions and less returns.

It’s definitely a great affiliate program to join.

The Second Best Jewelry Affiliate Program

Another great affiliate program for jewelers comes to you courtesy of the affiliate portal

The retailer is Blue Nile – one of the world’s largest diamond and jewelry retailers. They don’t have a 360 degree viewer like James Allen does, but they have great prices and an easily browsable website.

Their payout structure is similar to James Allen – giving you 5% of every legit sale, capped at $400.

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